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Treasured Memories, My Diary for Remembering & Healing is a guided journal book specially designed for children and families who have suffered the loss of a beloved family member or other significant person in their lives.

Created from my own personal experience of tragically losing my sibling, and worried about his son's grief. I wanted him to have a safe, private place to share his feelings, whenever he felt he needed to, with or without my or anyone else’s help.  From front to back, my nephew gradually filled the pages of his diary. When we were able to come to a place of acceptance, I realized that this was an important tool that could help other families.

The feedback from other families has affirmed the need for this type of book. I hope that this memory journal will help you, your child or the child you are gifting it to as much, if not more than it helped my nephew and me. 

Warmest regards, Juli xo

Why did I create this book?

Testimonials from professionals and family Members of Children Who Have Received Treasured Memories-

"This is an excellent guided journaling tool! Helps both children and adults to explore feelings, and remember the happy times & memories that are needed to move forward from being" stuck in sad". It has been extremely helpful to my 12 year old with the recent, tragic loss of a friend." ~ Dawn B.

"This book came right on time as my daughter was struggling with the loss of her dad. I love that it has blanks that my daughter can fill in, and the memories that she had with her dad will last forever. I truly recommend this book." ~ Leslie O.

"A Treasured Keepsake. This book is the perfect way to help a child or anyone for that matter get through the loss of a loved one. Remembering all of the good things about your loved one, and having something to pass on to future generations so that the person will continue to live on and be remembered forever. It's healing and very therapeutic as well. Juli did a fantastic job of creating something that not only heals your heart, but is a treasured keepsake for years and years." - Christine E.

"This journal is an amazing and much needed resource. This book helps us all young and old heal and maintain a vivid image of our loved one! Thanks for helping us grief in a healthy way!!!!" ~ Anonymous review from an Amazon customer.

"It is often difficult for children, let alone adults, to grapple with the feelings of losing a loved one. “Treasured Memories" provides a practical and personal guide to processing these emotions. I found the exercises in this journal to be gentle yet affirming. I would highly recommend this book to my clients; it is an excellent way to begin the process of healing. Thank you Juli for sharing your journey with us!" - Danielle Frouws, LMHC


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